What is STEDEC?
STEDEC is an Application-Research Center affiliated with KTO Karatay University. It also operates under the legal entity of KTO Innovative Technologies Center Inc. STEDEC, which supports the development of smart and innovative

technologies in all sectors, especially agricultural machinery, with its technological infrastructure and qualified human resources, serves with the vision of being a driving force in our region, a pioneer in our country and a distinguished center at the global level.

Who Can Benefit?

All businesses can benefit from a wide range of services offered by STEDEC's advanced technology devices without sectoral limitations. AKİTEK carries out R&D projects at regional, national and international level, primarily with enterprises and start-ups operating in the production of agricultural machinery, and is in close cooperation with universities and Technoparks/Technocities.

We Can Develop Joint Projects!
SMEs operating in the Agricultural Machinery sector can benefit from STEDEC in two ways: First, we can develop joint projects. Through R&D projects, SMEs can directly benefit from the advanced technological equipment available at STEDEC. SMEs can also benefit from the qualified and well-equipped R&D engineers employed at STEDEC. Secondly, by receiving support from STEDEC for the development of the existing products they are working on, they can obtain more qualified products that we can evaluate within the scope of Agriculture 4.0.
Organizational Structure
Anechoic Chamber
Thanks to the only anechoic chamber in the Konya-Karaman region within STEDEC, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests can be performed for all electrical and electronic products and components subject to the relevant standards (which is also a requirement for obtaining CE certificates).
The Anechoic Chamber is 9.4m x 5.5m x 6m and contains the necessary amplifiers, signal generator, power sensors, test receiver and antennas etc. for EMC Tests. You can find more detailed information about the measurements and tests provided within the Anechoic Chamber here.
What is Agriculture 4.0

Agricultural 4.0, a concept inspired by the term Industry 4.0, refers to the integration of innovative technologies such as satellite positioning, internet of things (IoT), remote sensing, and machine learning into agricultural use, within the framework of modern technology. In other words, one of the main purposes of Agriculture 4.0, which means the integration of smart technologies with agricultural practices, is to increase the productivity in agriculture, to ensure that more agricultural products can be obtained from a each unit of area so that the agricultural areas that are decreasing gradually compared to the increasing world population can be sufficient for humanity. In this context, transforming agricultural machinery into smart products is one of the basic elements of Agriculture 4.0. Therefore, the global market in agricultural machinery is rapidly shifting towards agricultural machinery in which smart technologies are integrated, compatible with Agriculture 4.0 in terms of both supply and demand.

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